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MegaDev Neuigkeiten

MegaDev Neuigkeiten

New MegaTrainer for Assassins Creed 3 V1.03, Skyrim Dragonborn and more

Today we tied a large update of our MegaTrainer. If you already own a goldmembership or like to get one now, you can already download the new pre-release trainerversion. For all other members we'll public release this version after a few days as soon as we completed our detailed tests.

But what's included in this trainerupdate?

As a great new for the trainer itself, we can announce that we overhauled the startlogic for all Steam-games. With the new system it's now possible to run all the Steam-games with the trainer start-button no matter where they're installed. This was necessary due to the changes of Steam some weeks/months ago which allowed the user to select a different installation-location for many games now.

For sure we added a lot of trainerupdates for different game patches of the last days as well. In detail our MegaTrainer now also support the following gameversions.
Veröffentlicht am 20.02.2013

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