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MegaDev Neuigkeiten

MegaTrainer for Hitman Absolution V1.0.438.0 and V1.0.433.1 as well as Endless Space V1.0.38

As you probably noticed in the news and forum, we were working on a MegaTrainer for Hitman: Absolution in the last days.

Fortunately the new patch 1.0.438.0 for Hitman: Absolution, which has been released today noon, don't brings many changes for us and thus it was not necessary for us to move our planed trainerrelease. We updated the trainer directly and so we can offer now a trainer for both versions (1.0.438.0 and 1.0.433.1) as part of our pre-release MegaTrainer.
Included are cheats for godmode, invisible, weapons, focus, one-hit-kill as well as 2 NPC-cheats.

In addition we added to this pre-release-trainer also an update for Endless Space V1.0.38.

We wish a lot of fun to all goldmembers already today with our new trainers.
Veröffentlicht am 30.11.2012

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