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MegaDev Neuigkeiten

MegaDev Neuigkeiten

Big MegaTrainer update for AC3, Civ5, Civ5 G&K, NfS Most Wanted and XCom Enemy Unknown

This week several game-updates has been released. For this reason we created a big update-package of our gametrainers.
As usual all user with a goldmembership profit of their membership and have direct access to the new trainers. But also for silver-members we've a surprise today.

But at thirst the new trainer-/cheatentries of the pre-release MegaTrainer (Gold):

Due to active requests we decided to give all silver-members firstly as test also earlier access on our trainerreleases.

Therefore the following gametrainer are now available for all silver-members exclusive in this pre-release MegaTrainer (Silver):
Veröffentlicht am 16.03.2013

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