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MegaDev Neuigkeiten

MegaDev Neuigkeiten

BetaTrainer for Endless Space and F1 2012

Today we released the next BetaTrainer for all tester and Goldmember.

This one should be interesting for all fans ofEndless Space and F1 2012, because we was able again to make an Endless Space trainer for V1.0.29 and also updated our F1 2012 trainer to V1.3.0.0.

Due to some questions about the BetaTrainer: These trainerversions were in past only available for teammembers at these times and were tested internal. After the relaunch we offer these versions now to more people. In normal cases the usual releases of these trainers are 2-7 days later. Who like to test these versions himself directly, can access these trainers only if we invited him to be a betatester or by buying a goldmembership.
Veröffentlicht am 24.10.2012

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